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My Blessing
Darling, do not cry
Over the ones who are not worth
Your sweet, precious time.
Do not become anxious
Over those who
Only hurt you time and time again,
Almost feeding from your pain.
You are stronger than you know
I see the light in your eyes
Still wanting to laugh and love.
You are more beautiful than you can imagine
Sweeping, tender waves of passion
In whatever you desire...
I told you at the beginning
'I will always be by your side
Through thick and thin, no matter what'.
I tell you
'I am so lucky to be your friend'
I meant it when I said it
And I mean every word now.
I hope you see these words
 You know in your heart they are true
And take in your soul my blessings
That I am giving to you.
:iconwordydirdbird:WordyDirdBird 6 6
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Take it Back
Take back the kind words you said
Those fetching words that left thine lips
And tongue to entice mine own
To intertwine with yours.
Take back the 'I love you'
The 'Ich liebe diche'
Because they were lies before,
And the certainly are now.
Take back the sweet caresses
Under the full moon
As our bodies merged
Like only 'true lovers' do.
Take back the laughter
The smiles, the hand-holding
It was all fake, no use in hiding now, boy.
Take back the midnight whispers
That once filled my ears with delight
Now only multiple regrets
I cry and think about as I stay waking at night.
Take back the 'thank you'
ALL of the damn 'thank yous'!
That were said in return to the sweetest
Most GENUINE words from my own lips.
Take it all back
Take it ALL.

...So maybe I know where I truly stood,
And now where I shall forever stand.
:iconwordydirdbird:WordyDirdBird 2 5
The Tiger's Hidden Heart
Swift as the wind
Mighty as a storm
They prowl through the night
Fight? They yearn for more...
A roar as fierce as the rose-colored horizon
Claws as sharp as one-hundred steel knives
Do we know them, really?
Are you really quite sure..?
Fur as beatiful as a rainbow
Teeth as strong as an ox
They really are quite misunderstood
You read into things way too much...
Eyes as mysterious as the moon
A brain as smart as Einstein
They are beautiful, wonderful creatures
I'd like to say I know of it as such.
Having a soul of a tiger
Without the open wild surrounding you
Makes it a different existence
Than yours or mine
You are hardwired to trust your 'pack'
But are left alone to die...
You begin to roam alone
Finding no place with a sense of 'home'
As the hunters finally surround you
And you think you may finally be done
The real 'pack' you've been searching for
Save you and you run until dawn
You've finally found your home
A safe place you know you belong
You huddle around the other cubs
And f
:iconwordydirdbird:WordyDirdBird 6 2
DA Profile Picture by WordyDirdBird DA Profile Picture :iconwordydirdbird:WordyDirdBird 1 29
The Wanderer's Hatred
Tick, Tock.
Tick, Tock.

He doesn't talk about it much,
You say?
Oh, my dear!! 
Tis' just a silly game he plays!
It's just a trinket!
He's the tool!
That's what I've known.
Now how about you?
Tick, Tock.
Tick, Tock.

Do you know what I speak of?
This wonderful creation!
But he chooses to fear it!!
Like that man and The Raven.
It holds magnificent power!
Wealth, fame, beauty, and more...
It can do anything
So you know what's in store...
Tick, Tock.
Tick, Tock.

But alas,
This 'humble' man
Wishes to see it destroyed
And sadly, I know he can...
Will he talk?
But does he hunt for it daily?
Oh yes...
Tick, Tock.
Tick, Tock.
But time is ticking
His end is nigh!
He better hurry up...
...No, no, don't cry...

:iconwordydirdbird:WordyDirdBird 7 2
Didn't You Know?
You say you love me
I say the same
You kiss my hand
A kiss we exchange
We walk together
No worries or cares
One soul split
Now finally together
The curves of your hand
Fit perfectly in mine
We're one of a kind
You and I!
Didn't you know
When you hold me so
I know you feel something
I feel that, too
Or when you pick me up
To meet your eyes
My heart soars into the sky
By no rules it will abide
I have honestly known this
Since ages ago
I love you more than ever
Or didn't you know?
:iconwordydirdbird:WordyDirdBird 1 9
As I watch with each passing minute the decreasing daylight, 
And watch as it turns into blissful twilight.
I count every star
For every moment I've wished I was where you are.
Unfortunately, I ran out before I had even begun.
How does one as mysterious as the moon
Shine as bright as the sun?
Why do the physical properties of this Earth hinder me so?
For I would have taken my place in your arms
Long, long ago.
Why does my heart continue to yearn for love
When it seems it is only a thing I can dream of?
Does it punish itself for past wrongdoings?
Or possibly of my many misgivings?
But, perhaps this is truly different...
...Or am I being too blatant?
You really are a wonderful gentleman,
But I can't help but wonder:
Will my heart just be broken again?
:iconwordydirdbird:WordyDirdBird 6 29
He Said...
He said he liked me
And I liked him, too
But yet, here I am
Singing the blues
He said we could still be friends
And I said I would like that, too
But yet, here you are
Treating me like some long-forgotten scar...
You said it would be "awkward" to speak with me
But honestly
You act as if I hurt you
As if I was the one who broke your heart in two?!
Oh! How my anger
Burns at the absolute absurdity
And immaturity
Of the situation laid before me!
All I ever did was care
I wanted my feelings to be shared!
Were they even present to begin with?
Or were they never there?
And as I pace down these halls
And as I look up and down these tattered walls
I can honestly say with the utmost disdain
That I regret the moment you first said, "Hey". 
:iconwordydirdbird:WordyDirdBird 1 28
Muted Senses
I look,
And I see,
But I'm not where I wanted to be.
I listen,
And I hear,
But I am deafened by the tension,
By the lack of "recognition".
I touch,
And I feel,
But without you, nothing is real.
:iconwordydirdbird:WordyDirdBird 6 17
Because I know you can.
Because you know that someone loves you.
I love you.
Because you're gonna go far, kid!
Because you can do great things.
And you will do great things.
Because there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Smile, because no matter how bad it gets, 
I will always be here for you.
Because you are valuable.
Because you are lovable, 
Absolutely admirable.
Because you are capable.
Because you are beautiful,
Both inside and out.
Because you will make it through this.
:iconwordydirdbird:WordyDirdBird 27 39
A Friend to Care For
~Deep in the forest of Mekuii, far from the hustle-and-bustle of Hatuna, resides a young girl named Kemekii. She doesn't mind spending her days here. She prefers the crisp, cool air, the luscious green meadows, and the natural beauty of the forest that surrounds her in it's gentle embrace. She loves the exhilaration of hunting for her food, rather than having it handed to her. The overall serenity soothes her heart and soul as she reads ancient scripts from ages past. It's a very simple existence for Kemekii, and she is content with this.There is one thing she yearns for, however. A friend. Someone who will stand by her through thick and thin. Someone who she can spend her days with. Someone who she can share in her love of the Ancients with. Someone she has yet to find...~
 "-And the two families were once again joined unto one another, the Calips and the Monnets, but at what cost? The daughter and son of these two prestigious names now lie cold, and lifeless...", Kemekii
:iconwordydirdbird:WordyDirdBird 5 12
Little butterfly,
Why, oh, why do you cry?
Why won't you fly?
The ones who bring you down
Only wish to see you frown
They only wish to cause pain
Fear, anger, and disdain
Little butterfly, 
Why, oh, why do you cry?
When I know you want to fly?
You are beautiful
Absolutely wonderful!
You are as gentle as a dove
And are worthy of great love!
Little butterfly,
Why, oh, why do you cry? 
Don't let life pass you by!
You are talented, gifted,
Smart, and sophisticated!
You are capable of great things
So open your wings!
And fly.

:iconwordydirdbird:WordyDirdBird 13 16
Katrina Morroson (OC)

Name: Katrina Morroson
Nickname: Kat (Given to her by her younger sister, Penelope)
Age: 16
Age(appearance): 18-21
Date of Birth: December 16th
Gender: Female
Race/Species: Caucasian
Language(s): English
Phrase(s): "I told you this was a bad idea!!" "It's not that I hate you, I just really dislike you."

Physical Description

Height: 5 feet, 8 inches
Weight: 135 pounds (Yes, this is a healthy weight, I even checked...)
Eyes: Gray (Will turn pale green for unknown reasons)
Hair: Her hair is dark red, and is slightly curly. (her hair was a dark brown before she dyed it)
Skin: Light tan, no blemishes. She has a scar of unknown origin on her stomach.
Physical Description: Since she tries to be a good role- model for her younger sister, Penelope, she stays as active and healthy
:iconwordydirdbird:WordyDirdBird 3 34
The Invisible
They are lonely at night
And are ignored, even in light
But are too scared to fight
There is nowhere to go
There is no one to see
They are lost
Without clarity
They are quiet as death
But yearn to be loud as life
It's their constant eternal strife
They are forever searching
Always searching...
For that special light
That returns their sight
They are invisible 
But are always "seen
Even in their dreams
This constant fear resides
That no one will by their side
Either to love
Or simply just because
...They were lonely at night
And were ignored, even in light
But were too scared to fight...
:iconwordydirdbird:WordyDirdBird 5 9
Like two birds of a single feather
We have found one another
And it's really quite true
That I have feelings for you...

Just know that I really do care
And I'll always be there
I'll be your shoulder to cry on
Even until dawn

Even If you are far from home
You still melt this heart of stone
You've mended this old heart
Now, what about your's...?

You say that you've gone cold
That your heart cannot take anymore
But I want to take out the thorn
So that you can love once more

But, are our feelings mutual?
Do you think of me, as I think of you?
Tell me please, will you be mine?
Will you be my Valentine?
:iconwordydirdbird:WordyDirdBird 6 11


New Stuff, Guys!!

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 1, 2015, 10:41 AM
Heyy!! How have you guys been?!? I've been really busy with contests, dances, and musicals, but I've been floating around here as much as I can!!

Got some quick updates for you! SO LISTEN UP(But only if you want to :heart:)

Firstly, I'm now the contributer(soon to be co-owner, hopefully)of B-Noticed-B-Loved!! There are a lot of changes going on in the group, so join us!

Second, new additions are to made to my group, Birdy-Sings, very soon!! As I've said, I've been REALLLLLY busy, so I haven't had time to do as much as I would have liked, but I'm hoping to be more active with the help of my best friend, Kandroid96. :heart:
Be sure to check out his page, he's a very talented photographer. ;)

Lastly, I've been making a LOT of poetry lately... like... a LOT. So you won't be without new work from me for a while. :heart: I finally got my groove back, so I'll probably be posting new poetry every couple of days. :rose:

So yeah, there's just some quick updates from yours truly. :heart:

Have a fabulous day~

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